Considerations for Non-affiliated Programs

When thinking about whether or not to pursue a non-affiliated program instead of a program that has been vetted and approved by the Learning Abroad Center or another unit on campus, consider the following.



You are responsible for paying all program fees to your non-affiliated program provider or university.  They will bill you directly.

The payment deadline of your Non-affiliated Program will likely be before University of Minnesota financial aid is distributed.   It is your responsibility to arrange payment directly with the non-affiliated institution, the University of Minnesota cannot advance your financial aid disbursement date.





Does this program duplicate a program already approved by the Learning Abroad Center?

Why jump through all the extra hoops if it is not necessary? To figure out what other programs might be a better fit for you:

  1. Review the Learning Abroad Center program offerings. In addition to the programs listed in our Program Search,UMTC students are able to attend any programs through our affiliates. These programs are referred to as non-promoted affiliate options. To see a list of the Learning Abroad Center's affiliates and the fee reductions they offer UMTC students, please visit the Affiliated Program Fee Reduction webpage.

  2. Attend a First Step Meeting

  3. Schedule Program Selection Appointment with an adviser in the Learning Abroad Center, 230 Heller Hall (map)


Will UMTC accept coursework from the program you are considering?  


How does transfer credit differ from resident credit?


How can doing a non-affiliated program affect your graduation plans?


How many credits do I need to enroll in?



Program Details


Do you have accurate information about the organization or university you are interested in?


Next Steps and Essential Information