Travel Warnings

Travel Warning in Jordan

The US Department of State has issued a Travel Warning for Jordan, updated on July 20, 2017. The Learning Abroad Center obtained approval from the University of Minnesota’s International Travel Risk Assissment & Advisory Committee (ITRAAC) for programs in Jordan.

The Learning Abroad Center submitted a petition to the University of Minnesota's International Travel Risk Assessment and Advisory Committee (ITRAAC)—the committee responsible for making decisions related to the Travel Warning Policy—for the partnership between the Department of Asian Languages and Literatures and CET for the study abroad program in Jordan for the summer of 2017 and the Academic Year 2017-2018. The committee has approved the petition for 2017–18 programs, provided that participants abide by the guidelines and restrictions below.

The Department/Learning Abroad Center Must

All Students on the Program Must

ITRAAC maintains the authority to suspend an education abroad opportunity sponsored by the University, including any previously approved, when a significant health or safety concern is raised regarding the opportunity. For more information on this, visit GPS Alliance's Travel Approval page.