Program Resources

Current Events Abroad

Country Reports: Country information from around the world. Regularly updated information and maps, including lots of statistics. A British site with links to current news from and above the "two-thirds world."

Health & Safety

CISI International Travel, Health, and Security Resources 

Centers for Disease Control: Travel and prophylactic health information by country.

Travel Health Online: A useful travel health site.

List of Doctors/Hospitals Abroad: US Department of State list of doctors and hospitals abroad.

Health Information by Country: Information distributed by the World Health Organization.

SAFETI/Peace Corps: Peace Corps materials adapted to study abroad.

US State Department Travel Information: Travel adviseries and Consular Information Sheets for US citizens traveling abroad.

Additional safety monitoring sites: Include links to British, Canadian, and Australian counterparts to the State Department site.

US Embassies: Websites of US Embassies, Consulates, and Diplomatic Missions abroad.

Experiences Abroad

Gender Abroad: Northwestern University site providing web links and bibliography of print pieces on gender issues in study abroad.

Multicultural Students Abroad: Learning Abroad Center page designed for multicultural students studying abroad.

GLBT Students and Study Abroad: Indiana University site containing travel/study abroad information and links for GLBT students.

Mobility International USA: For international travelers with disabilities.

Access Abroad: Learning Abroad Center page designed for students with disabilities.

Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency Converter: Check the exchange rate between currencies of any 2 countries.

VISA ATM Locator and MasterCard ATM Locator: Find a convenient place to access an ATM while abroad.

Communication Abroad

Country Codes: Gives country codes and explains how to dial out of one country to another.

Cybercafes Abroad: Easy-to-use search engine for cybercafes.

Time Zones: Convert time in one country to time in another (helpful when calling home).

Web Translator: Translates blocks of text and webpages.

Translating Dictionaries: Offers basic phrases in multiple languages, including less-commonly taught languages (such as Amharic and Basque).

Global Climate

World Climate: Climatic data on thousands of cities throughout the world.

By City/Country: Covers most cities in each country, and lists current and near future conditions.

Through BBC: 5-day forecasts, excellent for European weather conditions.

International Development

Eldis Gateway to Development Information: British/Scandinavian gateway site to a wide variety of information about development, including 15,000 online documents and 4,500 organizations.

Praxis: Resources for Social and Economic Development: Another gateway site to many development resources. Maintained by a University of Pennsylvania professor.