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Study & Intern in Toledo — Service Learning

Service Learning

Semester students have the opportunity to take TLDO 3975 Service-learning and the Immigrant Experience in Spain. In this course, work with one of several Toledo institutions related to the immigration phenomenon in Spain, collaborating directly either with the immigrant population or with the Spaniards who are working with immigrants. Connect your experience working three hours per week with these organizations with the seminar portion of the course. Readings, discussion and debate in the classroom help you better understand the important issue of immigration in Spain. At the end of the course, a workshop day is held to which collaborating institutions, students, and residents of Toledo are invited.

Police Report

A police report is required for students doing service-learning in Toledo. We will not be able to place you in a service-learning site without a police report. 

A police report is a background check stating whether you have a criminal history. Different governmental agencies or police departments refer to this document as a background check. Explain that you need the document in order to provide a record of any violations that you may have in order to participate in service-learning abroad. The document you receive varies by jurisdiction. 

Have the background check completed before you depart for Toledo and bring the document with you in your carry-on. This document can be in English.

If you live outside the Minneapolis/St. Paul area you should check with the local governmental agency or police department in your hometown. Some local police departments may require your personal appearance in order to conduct the search. 

Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

Minnesota Justice Information Services - CHA

1430 Maryland Ave. E.  

St. Paul, MN 55106

Additional information can be found at the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension website.

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