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Housing Comparision Chart

English vs. Spanish Immerse yourself in a Spanish-speaking environment where you will be forced to speak with native speakers. There will be many temptations to speak English instead of Spanish. Few native Spanish speakers in the Residence makes it somewhat harder to meet Spaniards and speak Spanish
How do I meet Spaniards? Experience the daily life of Spaniards from a first-hand perspective, with the chance to learn more about culture and society. Develop life-long ties to your family. Live and eat with many Americans. You must get out into the city and meet people to integrate into Spanish life.
How much does it cost? Pay an additional fee (unless your home institution absorbs this cost). The homestay fee is non-refundable. Complete cost is included in your program fee.
Where will I live? Most host families live outside old Toledo, approximately seven kilometers from the program facilities. Live in the same building as the dining hall and classrooms in the center of old Toledo.
What's my commute like? Get some exercise! The commute can be 10–30 minutes or more one way. After dark you can catch a taxi. All homestay students also receive bus passes. No commute to class. Walk down the hall to the dining room and classrooms.
Do I have my own room? Enjoy a single room and private workspace away from the noise of dorm life. You might have roommates who are not native Spanish speakers. You can choose between single, double or triple. You may not get your first choice in room type.
Can I use the phone? No phone calls are allowed without expressed permission from your family. A public pay phone in the residence is available for all participants.
What will I eat? Home-cooked food! If it is inconvenient to return home for lunch, you can request a to-go lunch or eat at the Residence. The cafeteria offers a salad bar, main entree, dessert, and beverage.
What if I don't like the food? Living in a new culture means trying new foods. You will need to adjust to the diet and meal schedule of your family. Living in a new culture means trying new foods. A different meal is prepared each day, with a salad bar as an alternate option.
I want to be independent. You come and go as you please but should inform the family of your schedule. You come and go and you please but can only eat meals at designated times.
I want to go out at night. Enjoy the nightlife! Walk or take a taxi with other home students who live in your neighborhood. Enjoy the nightlife! The Residence closes at 6:30 a.m., so you will not need to inform someone about a late night.
Where can I hang out during the day? Study, relax, or socialize in the Residence lounge and cafeteria. Study, relax, or socialize in the Residence lounge and cafeteria.
Overnight guests You are not allowed to stay overnight at the Residence, and overnight guests are discouraged at the homestay. Talk to your family about specific rules. No overnight non-Residence guests are permitted in your room. Visiting guests may pay to stay overnight in the Residence with advance arrangements.
What if I don't like my housing option? If conflicts arise, you can switch to another family, but not to the Residence. If you want to switch to a homestay, talk to the housing coordinator and LAC contact.
On-site support The housing coordinator will help you and can even arrange a new family if necessary. The housing coordinator will help you and can resolve any issue you might have.

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