Summer in Scotland

Summer in Scotland — Academics

Program Structure

Program Type International Summer School, classes designed for International students
Program Level 3000 level courses
Courseload 4–8 credits

Most classes are based at the University of Glasgow's main campus in the west end of the city, and most feature academic excursions to various parts of Scotland. 

For complete information on modules available, excursions and activities, dates and credits, visit the University of Glasgow's main International Summer School page. 



The International Summer School at the University of Glasgow offers a number of different modules to choose from. 

The University of Glasgow International Summer School uses the Scottish credit scheme. The University of Minnesota converts Scottish credits at a 4:1 ratio (ex: 10 Scottish cr = 2.5 UofM cr).

Research Track:

Be placed in a research project overseen by faculty researchers at the University of Glasgow. Available placements are based on research projects currently underway, mostly in the STEM fields and Psychology (other fields may be possible, ask for more details). Earn 6 credits for this 6-week program.

The 2019 program includes:

1 or 2 Week Courses

Scottish Urban Landscape in Film & Glass: Glasgow School of Art—offered in collaboration with the Glasgow School of Art, through research and practical experience develop skills in photography and film processing and glass techniques such as cutting, painting, and leading.

Music Cities—using the city of Glasgow as a case study, explore the music scene through festivals, concerts, and debate what it means to be a "music city."

Writing the CIty: creative writing workshop—brings writers together in a supportive environment to explore urban and experimental styles.

3 Week Courses

Education in a Globalised World—an overview of different educational practices, in global and local contexts.

This class has been approved for UofM's Social Science core.

Religion & Spirituality in Scotland—explore the importance of religious traditions and spirituality in Scotland, and how new agents seek to be active agents for change.

This class has been approved for UofM's Arts & Humanities core.

History of Christianity in Scotland—explore history of Christianity in Scotland

Theater & Performanceintroduction to concepts of drama, theatre and performance and explore Scotland’s vibrant theatre scene

Introduction to Mayalam language

4 Week Courses

Functional Anatomy—open-plan dissection labs provide functionally relevant exposure to all major regions of the body. Perfect for any pre-med or pre-health student.

Bioscience for Global Disease—includes practical lab skills, data interpretation, and analysis techniques in key biological research themes.

This class has been approved for UofM's Biological Science core.

Essential Genetics—exploration of how biological science has led to the discovery of the genes that make us unique.

8 Week Courses

International Physics Summer School—calculus-based introductory level physics with a lab component.

This class has been approved for UofM's Physical Science core.

Mathematics—linear algebra, differential equations, and how some of Glasgow's greatest thinkers have contributed to the modern world.

Note: modules offered may change from year to year. Consult Glasgow's website for updated listings.