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Take courses in a select set of disciplines: gender and sexuality studies, global economics, literature, medical practice and policy, neuroscience, psychology, public health, and terrorism and security with beautiful Stockholm as your classroom. Choose from several housing options, including a homestay, and join the locals in this bustling and vibrant metropolis spread over 14 islands.

Housing & Meals

The Study Abroad in Sweden program offers several housing choices so you can tailor your experience to perfectly fit your lifestyle. Choose between a homestay, studentboende (dormitory), a Living & Learning Community, and the Residential Community.

All housing options include a furnished room with towels, a blanket, a pillow, and bed linens. You will also have access to laundry facilities and Internet, and you will receive a transit pass so you can travel from your housing to classes. All housing options also include either most meals or a food stipend to help offset the cost of buying groceries.

An overview of each housing option is below. For more detailed information on these housing options, visit DIS's website.


Live with a Swedish family and immerse yourself in Swedish family life. This housing option is the most popular option at DIS and provides you with an excellent perspective of Swedish culture, as well as a built-in support network. k.


Live like a Swedish student in co-ed dormitory-style residential buildings located throughout the city and serving students in the greater Stockholm area..

Living & Learning Community

A DIS Living & Learning Community (LLC) is a co-curricular housing experience that integrates a shared interest through the lens of exploring Stockholm or Swedish culture within your housing experience.

Residential Community

Live with other DIS students in Stockholm and enjoy a network of friends when you’re at home. Previous students living in DIS Residential Communities (DRCs) have said they experienced a good social life connected to their academic environment and enjoyed having a "little bit of home" but with Sweden right outside the door.


Study tours are one of the features of DIS that students find most attractive. Programs include both a short study tour to another part of Sweden and a week-long study tour to another country. These study tours are an integrated part of your core course, and as such they are academic in nature and included in your program fee.

DIS also provides students with a variety of ways to get out, meet Swedes, and experience Swedish culture on a daily basis. Involve yourself in the many cultural opportunities offered to you while studying at DIS, and find out who the Swedes really are across a variety of contexts. Pursue a passion and join a club or sports team with friendly Stockholm residents, exchange cultural perspectives with a Visiting Host, give back to the community by volunteering, attend evening seminars and network with local experts, learn to speak some Swedish, and end the semester calling Sweden a second home.

Learning Outcomes

During your semester at DIS, plan to meet the following objectives:

Faculty & Staff

DIS services begin in the US and continue when you arrive in Sweden. The DIS North American Office, which has close ties to the Learning Abroad Center, is there to assist you in registering for courses, selecting the most suitable housing option, advising on flights to/from Sweden, and other pre-departure activities. On arrival in Stockholm, the numerous DIS on-site staff members are on hand to help, providing a broad array of services ranging from personal and academic counseling to sending mail, Internet access, and much more.

DIS faculty bring real-life expertise from their field into the classroom. Most work as professionals in the areas they teach, giving you direct access to resources and networks both in Stockholm and on study tours. They will introduce you to a network of leading researchers and health professionals, European politicians, innovative business leaders, cutting-edge architects and designers, forward-thinking entrepreneurs, ground-breaking activists, fascinating historians… and the list goes on and on.

About the Learning Abroad Center

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