Study Abroad in Dublin

Study Abroad in Dublin — Visa


A passport is required to enter Ireland. Your passport must be valid for the entire duration of your program. If you have not already obtained your passport, you should apply for one immediately. You can find information about applying for a passport on the US Department of State website.


US citizens traveling with a US passport do not need to apply for a visa to study in Ireland. Non-US citizens should check to see if a visa is required for entry into Ireland. If it is, we can provide acceptance letters or other documentation you may need.


All students should travel with their immigration letter in their carry-on luggage. You will be asked for it when you land in Ireland.

University students—this is your acceptance letter from the university that was emailed to you.

Study Center students—this letter will be emailed to you prior to your departure.

Within the first few weeks of arriving in Dublin, you will need to meet with the local immigration authorities to register your stay in Ireland. At the appointment with the immigration officials, you will need to provide the following materials:

Program Handbook Visa Information