Study & Intern in Rome

Study & Intern in Rome — Academics

Program Structure

Program Type Take classes at the ACCENT study center in Rome; classes taught in English by Italian and international faculty
Program Level 1000–3000 level courses
Courseload Students take 6–7 credits in the summer

This program appeals to students who want to gain work experience through an internship, while also experiencing the excitement & complexity that embodies modern day Rome. Students engage in a variety of courses and study tours around Italy to develop an international perspective. Internships in English and Italian give students the opportunity to participate in Italian work culture.


Check out the Course List for brief course descriptions and University of Minnesota–Twin Cities course equivalencies.

All courses will incorporate study tours which will allow you to learn about areas in and outside of Rome. There will also be one study tour outside of Rome that will be included in the program fee. Possible locations could be Naples, an Italian olive oil or balsamic vinegar producer, etc.

All students, regardless of which track you choose, have the option to take the 1-credit Survival Italian course. This is a great way to learn words and phrases to help you navigate your time in Rome.


If you choose the Standard track, you will not participate in an internship, but will take 2 of the Area Studies courses. This track is 6 weeks long.

If you choose the Internship track, you will take the Internships in Rome course, plus one other 3-credit course from the listed Area Studies courses. This track is 8 weeks long. This is so students have ample time to spend at their internship placements. The first 6 weeks of the program will consist of classes and time at your internship, and the last 2 weeks of the program will solely be for your internship placement.

Design Tracks

Design students have a specific interdisciplinary Italian Design Studio created specifically for you. If you choose the Design Standard track, you will take the Italian Design Studio, and one other Area Studies course. This track is 6 weeks long.

If you choose the Design Internship Track, you will take the Italian Design Studio, plus the Internships in Rome course. This track is 8 weeks long, for the same reasons explained above.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are available upon request. Possible examples of placements could be: teaching English to politicians in Rome's city hall, working at a refugee and homeless soup kitchen, adopting a monument to help save from further deterioration, or working at an animal sanctuary. Not all placements are available each semester and are based on the organization's need, so if you are interested, contact the Learning Abroad Center for more information.

Course Options

Select the term and, where applicable, the number of semesters (or equivalent) of language instruction you will have completed by the time you start the program.


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