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Research Laboratory in Psychology

MADR 4901

Fall, Spring & Summer

3 Credits

The Research Laboratory in Psychology course will offer students the opportunity to be involved in psychological research taking place in a laboratory, institute, medical facility or community setting. Under the direction of a research investigator, students will participated in various stages of the research process: developing questions about behavior, designing experimental methods for answering those questions, collecting data from research participants, analyzing and interpreting the results, and communicating these results. Activities of the students may include recruiting and/or debriefing study participants; collecting, coding, entering, and/or analyzing data; securing literature sources; and participating in lab meetings. This course will include time at the research site as well as preparing for and debriefing experiences in the classroom.

This course requires a $500 laboratory fee for the semester program and a $300 laboratory fee for the summer program. 

Equivalent to PSY 4993.

Syllabus for Research Laboratory in Madrid (PDF)

Introduction to Biological Psychology

MADR 3018

Fall, Spring & Summer

3 credits

The course begins with brief overviews of the structure of the central nervous system, basic principles of nervous conduction and synaptic transmission, neurotransmitter systems, and basic techniques used in biological psychology research. We will then review current knowledge on the biological substrates of a range of behaviors and mental processes, including memory, emotion, and sleep. The course will also examine the biological basis of a variety of neuropsychological disorders and forms of mental illness, including addiction, depression, and anxiety.

The course is designed to convey the ways in which current approaches are directed towards a better understanding of the biological basis of psychological states and treating mental illness. During the course, you should become comfortable with the basic details of brain function and gain a general understanding of the biology of behavior, mental states, and mental illness. You should also begin to develop the skills to understand techniques and evaluate results of neurobiological and behavioral experiments.

Equivalent to PSY 3061

Syllabus for Biological Psychology (PDF)

Cross-Cultural Psychology


Fall, Spring, & Summer

3 credits

This course ́s aim is to understand how cultural factors influence human behavior and development. Additionally, the interaction between different cultures and how to solve the difficulties that may arise during the acculturation process may be discussed. The course also studies the vision and treatment of mental disorders in different cultures, especially the differences and similarities between Spanish and North American cultures. Mental Health systems of both countries will be also analyzed and compared.

Syllabus for Cross-Cultural Psychology (PDF)

Psychology in the Workplace


Fall, Spring, & Summer

3 credits


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