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Exchange in Oslo — Visa

All US passport holders on semester or academic year programs in Norway must apply for a residence permit. It is now required for all students to travel to Chicago to submit their materials, and to have biometric readings taken. You cannot start this process until you are officially accepted by the university in Norway, and have your acceptance letter. Below are the instructions, tips, and things to keep in mind for the application process.

All questions about the residence permit application process should be directed to Travisa/VFS at or by calling 516-234-7789.

If you are not a U.S. passport holder, contact the Honorary Consulate General Minneapolis and ask about your specific requirements. The staff at the honorary consulate can be reached at 612.332.3338 or

Step by Step Instructions

To apply for the residence permit, you must follow these steps in order:

  1. Log onto to submit your application and pay the application fee. Select to submit the online application with New York.  See the "Tips for Your Application" section below for specific information to include in your application.
  2. When step 1 is completed log onto the Travisa/VFS web site to book an appointment to submit your documents and biometry in Chicago (or one of the other drop-off sites in Houston, New York, San Francisco, or Washington DC).
  3. Go to your appointment to submit your documents and to have biometric readings taken. Remember to bring all documents listed in the online document list. Note: your acceptance letter from the university in Norway will serve as your full-time admission letter, proof of housing, and proof of suffiicient funds.

Tips for Your Application

Several of the items on the application can be confusing. Below are some tips that we have found helpful:


SiOsenteret Blindern
Kristian Ottosens hus
Problemveien 9
0313 Oslo


Parkveien 1
5007 Bergen


Studentsamskipnaden i Ås, SiÅs Housing
Fredrik A. Dahls vei 9
1432 Ås


Keep in Mind

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