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About University Study in Norway: Norwegian University of Life Sciences

With approximately 5,200 students, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences offers an intimate student setting. The university focuses specifically on biology, food, environment, land use, and natural resource management. Ås, located only 30 minutes outside of Oslo, offers a blend of nature and culture: Fjords, lakes, and forests surround this city that boasts a variety of cultural, shopping, and sporting activities.

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Housing & Meals

Live in dormitories located within walking distance of campus.


The International Education Office organizes various social acitivies throughout the semester.

Learning Outcomes

Students having participated in the University Study in Norway program will:

  • Develop a stronger sense of confidence by engaging in a highly independent study abroad program
  • Learn to appreciate diverse world views, accept complexity, and embrace ambiguity
  • Experience a new culturally specific academic system and incorporate different academic perspectives
  • Develop awareness of and challenge assumptions about Norwegian culture, their own culture, and how their culture is viewed by others
  • Learn to function as an effective team member by appreciating and interacting with individuals different from yourself

Faculty & Staff

The International Education Office will provide your onsite support during the time you are in Norway. There are also advisers within each department who can offer advice on course selection.

About the Learning Abroad Center

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