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This program is geared toward students who would like to improve their beginning or intermediate Spanish language skills and enroll in English-taught courses. Areas of study include business, finance, marketing, communication and media, religion, and more. English-speaking internships are also available, as is the opportunity to enroll in English-taught courses at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

The program is offered in partnership with the prestigious Fundación Ortega–Marañón in Madrid and the University of Minnesota. The Foundation is located in a central part of Madrid, near Paseo de la Castellana. Due to its location, you can easily catch public transportation to any other part of the city.

For help deciding between Spanish language options, consult the Spanish Language Programs Comparison Chart (PDF).

Housing & Meals

The standard program fee includes living with a Spanish family (homestay). Summer students have the option to live in a residence hall with other US, international, and Spanish students for an additional fee.


For many students, living with a family is a highlight of their time abroad. Many students make lifelong ties to their families and, through them, can meet other Spaniards. When you live with a Spanish host family, you will have a firsthand look at Spanish culture and society and will be immersed in the Spanish language. Typically, host families live in apartments, since single family houses are not as common in Europe as in the US.

Most host families live near the Fundación Ortega-Marañón. You will be within walking distance or a short ride away by bus or metro.

The program fee includes two meals per day (breakfast and dinner). You should budget separately for lunches each day.

Student Residence

Summer students may choose to live at a student dormitory. You will have the option to share a room with another student or have a room to yourself (for an additional fee). The room includes a wardrobe, desk, chair, bookcase, cable, and WiFi. The residence hall offers study rooms, a cafeteria, a fitness area, a leisure/activity room, access to laundry facilities, and weekly maid service. This option offers convenience and flexibility to come and go as you please.

The program fee includes two meals per day (breakfast and dinner). You should budget separately for lunches each day.

The student residence is very competitive during the summer and requires early reservation. If you are interested in this housing option, apply and confirm your place on the program as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee placement in the student residence. If we are unable to house you in the student residence, we will notify you.


A walking tour of Madrid will help you learn how to get around the city and also familiarize you with some of Madrid's iconic landmarks. There will be multiple day-long excursions to Toledo and other cities as well as a 3-day excursion to Andalucía also included in the program fee.

Coordinated Group Flight

The LAC arranges an optional coordinated flight in consultation with Village Travel, a local travel agency. Group flight information will be available by the program application deadline, if not before. The program staff or homestay families will meet this flight at the airport. Information, booking, and payment are handled directly by Village Travel. Consult Village Travel’s website for information on the coordinated flight. If you make your own flight arrangements, you are required to provide the LAC with a copy of your flight itinerary. Select a roundtrip flight that has a flexible return date, since most students change their return date. Flying standby is not allowed.

Learning Outcomes

Faculty & Staff

The staff at Fundación Ortega-Marañon provide housing, program classrooms, and study areas. They also arrange the on-site orientation and program excursions, as well as social and cultural events. Classes are taught by Spanish and American faculty who are specialists in their academic field and in the field of teaching foreign students.

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