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Study & Intern in London — Contact Program Alum

Taylor Vraney is the Program Assistant for the Study & Intern in London program. She participated on the program in the Spring of 2018. She is a senior majoring in Professional Journalism and Political Science and minoring in Spanish.She interned in central London at the London Chamber of Commerce as an editorial intern for the magazine, London Business Matters. Taylor says, "I tackled taking the Tube from my flat in Shepard's Bush to my school, internship and all across London daily, picking up my free copies of the City AM and the Evening Standard to and fro. At CAPA I immersed my self in classes that had a connection to the city, such as European Government and Politics where we learned about Brexit in relation to the European Union and had our own mock parliamentary debate. My time at the London Chamber was spent working alongside editor-in-chief Peter Bishop, pitching stories, editing copy, selecting and taking photos for the magazine, and contributing my own pieces to fill the monthly issues. Other than taking a recess from the harsh winters back in Minnesota, what I miss most about my time in London is walking alongside the Thames on South Bank, past all the theaters, museums and troubadours, marveling at the city that became my home."

Below is a list of additional students who participated in past program sessions. They are ready and willing to answer your questions about this program. Feel free to contact them during your decision-making process or anytime during your pre-departure preparation to get a student perspective.

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