Study & Intern in London

Study & Intern in London — Visa


You must have a passport that is valid for the duration of the program, as well as up to 6 months after the end of the program, in order to enter the United Kingdom. If you do not have a passport, apply as soon as possible.


Students who are not participating in the internship or service learning option will receive an entry letter from CAPA that should be carried along with their passports. 

A visa is required if you are participating in an internship or service-learning. Those participating in the internship will be issued a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) number to apply for a Tier-4 visa after confirmation on the program. Students who withdraw from the internship portion of the program after being issued a CAS will incur assess a penalty of $500. Detailed visa application instructions will be emailed to you from CAPA about 60 days from the program start date. You should begin the visa application process as soon as you receive the instructions. Students who have completed their CAPA application and have confirmed their participation with the Learning Abroad Center by 90 days before the program start date will be eligible to receive their CAS and visa instructions approximately 80 days before the program start date. If you are unsure of your eligibility to receive a CAS at 80 days instead of 60 days, contact CAPA.

Photos that meet the required UKBA photos regulations can be obtained at the UCard office on campus. 

Note that the visa you will be applying for will allow you to be in the UK on the specific Tier 4 status during the official program dates only. Students with this visa are required to leave the UK within 7 days of the official program end date. Students who would like to stay in the UK longer are required to leave the British Isles and reenter the UK as a tourist. This can be done within the same day, and staff in London will advise various ways for you to do this. Student wishing to enter the country earlier than the dates for which there visa is valid must enter as a tourist, leave the British Isles, and then reenter on their Tier 4 visa. If you wish to arrive in the UK early or stay beyond the program dates, you will need to double-check the validity dates for your visa when you receive it, and should contact your CAPA program adviser for further instructions at that point.


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