Galileo on Trial in Italy

Galileo on Trial in Italy — Academics

Program Structure

Program Type Freshman Seminar Abroad
Program Level 1000 level course
Courseload One 3-credit course

Course Schedule

Freshman Seminars Abroad are a unique opportunity for first-year students to combine on-campus class during fall or spring semester with study abroad during winter or spring break. Freshman Seminars combine on-campus instruction during spring semester with study abroad during spring break.

Term: Spring Semester 2018 with study abroad during Spring Break 2018

On-campus course Sechedule: Mondays from 2:30-5 p.m.; East Bank, Minneapolis


Taught in English by a University of Minnesota professor.


Spring 2017 Syllabus

This seminar focuses on how such a great thinker, mathematician, and scientist came into conflict with arguably the most powerful institution in Europe, and maybe the world. As you study Galileo, you will delve into the intersection of scientific ideas, society, culture, religion, politics, etc.  

Receive credit for EDHD 1909W.

Fulfills the following Liberal Education requirements: Writing Intensive and Global Perspectives theme.

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Learning Abroad Center,
230 Heller Hall