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About Design in Naples & Rome

This Freshman Seminar Abroad takes a historical and contemporary look at design innovation in Naples and Rome. We will study visual communication and contemporary graphic design and examine design's role in forming and articulating culture.

Learn the role creativity and design innovation play in reflecting cultural meaning when we visit design in its physical context in these cities — for example, the civic sculpture of Bernini in Rome and the ancient frescoes at Pompeii.

Walk through the streets of Rome and learn to read this great city like a text through its layers of graphic inscriptions, from the ancient worlds to contemporary street art.

Visit the Underworld of Naples and the city’s historic centre (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), learn how Naples was once the center of the Mediterranean region, and see how modern Neapolitan design reflects the city's unique cultural identity.

No previous design experience is required.

Housing & Meals

You will live in shared rooms in a hotel with fellow program participants. Breakfast and welcome and farewell meals are included in the program fee. Additional meals can be taken in the housing or at local pubs or restaurants.


While in Naples and Rome, the surroundings will become your classroom and you will explore and experience the seminar coursework through site visits. These excursions may include:

Group Flight

All program participants will be taking the coordinated group flight to and from the program site. The cost of the group flight is included in the program fee that will be posted to your student account. Do not book your own flight, you will receive information from the Learning Abroad Center regarding your seat on the group flight once your participation has been confirmed.  

Learning Outcomes

Faculty & Staff

On-site support is provided by ACCENT. ACCENT staff will provide orientation, information regarding cultural activities, and 24-hour emergency support.

Program Leader

Design in Naples & Rome is taught by Professor James Boyd Brent of Graphic Design in the College of Design. He has taught freshman for more than ten years, including Freshman Seminars to the United Kingdom in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2017 as well as Freshman Seminars to Istanbul in 2015 and 2016. He is a practicing printmaker, exhibiting widely, and is also recipient of the McFarland Outstanding Teaching Award in the College of Design.

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