Teaching Practicum in France

Teaching Practicum in France — Academics

Program Structure

Program Type Coursework and practicum
Program Level 1000–3000 level courses
Courseload 15–17 credits


All topics courses are taught in English. This cohort-based model combines theoretical learning and practical teaching experience in a supportive and balanced learning environment. 

Required Core Courses

Introduction to Elementary Teaching

MONT 3211

Fall & Spring Semester

3 Credits

This course focuses on the principles and pedagogical considerations for effective classroom teaching. French Education students may join this class.

Syllabus for Introduction to Elementary Teaching (PDF)

UofM equivalent: Equivalent to CI 3211

Teaching Practicum

MONT 3212

Fall & Spring Semesters

3 Credits

Students spend time each week assisting in the English language classroom in a local school setting under the supervision of the French classroom teacher and the course faculty member. Students are placed in classrooms corresponding to student interest and academic program needs.

Syllabus for Teaching Practicum (PDF)

UofM equivalent: Equivalent to CI 3212

French for Educators

MONT 1001 - 3016

Fall & Spring Semesters

3 or 5 Credits

Students enroll in a French language class at their appropriate linguistic level. 10 hours are dedicated specifically to vocabulary and communication related to the classroom and teaching environment. 1st - 4th semester language courses are 5 credits. More advanced language courses award 3 credits.

 Syllabus for 1st semester French (PDF) (MONT 1001, 5 credits) 

Comparative Education & Pedagogy

MONT 3213

Spring & Fall Semesters

3 Credits

This course compares educational practices in the United States and France with particular emphasis on historical developments and pedadogical frameworks. Taught at program center exclusively to LAC program participants. 

 Syllabus for Comparative Education & Pedagogy (PDF)

Approved for the Global Perspectives and Historical Perspectives themes

Additional Course

Select one of the following courses taught in English:

Cultural Perspectives on Language Learning

MONT 3121

Spring & Fall Semesters

3 Credits

This course exams the process of language learning in children and the different philosophical approaches in the USA and France regarding second language development. Taught at program center exclusively to LAC program participants. 

Syllabus for Language Learning (PDF)

UofM equivalent: Equivalent to CI 3610

Global Business & Industry: France at the Crossroads

MONT 3802

Fall & Spring Semesters

3 Credits

This course examines the development and current state of the European business environment from a French perspective. Topics will include the background/aftermath of the establishment of the European Union (EU) as well as institutional, political, legal and socio-cultural factors at work in the contemporary business and industry landscape. Taught at program center exclusively to LAC program participants. Taught in English.

Syllabus for Global Business & Industry (PDF)

Approved for the Global Perspectives theme 

Directed Research

MONT 3993

Fall & Spring Semesters

3 Credits

Under the supervision of a Paul Valery University faculty member, a student engages in 100 hours of directed research on a topic designed by the student in consultation with the on-site faculty member. Research topics must be pre-approved prior to participation. French Education students may join accompanying methodology class.

Syllabus for Directed Studies/Research (PDF)  

Paul Valery University Course


Fall & Spring Semesters

3 Credits

Select one English-taught course offered at Paul Valery University (typically a civilization or literature course in the UPV English Department).

Global Identity—Optional Online Course

Global Identity: Connecting Your International Experience with Your Future is an optional 1-credit online course that helps you process your overseas experience and apply what you've learned upon your return. The course assists you in reflecting on multiple layers of cross-cultural experience and marketing your study abroad experience for future goals. There is an additional cost for this course.

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