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Italian Language Courses

Italian I

FLOR 1001

Fall & Spring

3 Credits

First semester Italian. Develop basic listening, speaking, reading, writing, and communicative competence skills. Some cultural readings are included. No prerequisite.

Syllabus for Italian I (PDF)

Italian 2

FLOR 1002 FLOR 1003

Fall & Spring

5 Credits

Further develop basic skills, and improve conversation and comprehension proficiency as well as reading and writing skills. Includes grammar review. Prerequisite: Completion of one or two semesters of Italian language. If you have completed one semester of Italian, register for FLOR 1002. If you have completed two semesters of Italian, register for FLOR 1003.

Syllabus for 1002 (PDF)

Syllabus for 1003 (PDF)

Italian 3

FLOR 1004 FLOR 3100

Fall & Spring

3 or 5 Credits

This intermediate through advanced language course will focus on practical skills while emphasizing conversation and vocabulary building. Prerequisite: Completion of three or four semesters of Italian language. If you have completed three semesters of Italian, register for the 5-credit FLOR 1004. If you have completed 4 semesters of Italian, register for the 3-credit FLOR 3100. The 3-credit version of the course has fewer tests, and more focus on a higher level of oral and written work.

Syllabus for 1004 (PDF)

Syllabus for 3100 (PDF)

Area Study Courses

Sociology of Crime: Mafia & The Media in Italy

FLOR 3346

Fall & Spring

3 Credits

The course will deal with the most relevant sociological theories on crime as a particular form of deviance. The aim is to apply different theoretical perspectives to the study of the deep relation between crime and culture in our contemporary societies. Given that crime and culture are two complex and multilayered notions, a variety of materials will be used (sociological essays, newspapers, audiovisuals, TV shows, movies, music, among others) in order to analyze specific case studies both from the US and Italy using a cross-cultural comparative perspective and to stimulate an active in-class students’ participation.

Approved for the following Liberal Education Requirements: Social Sciences core and Global Perspectives theme.

Syllabus for Sociology of Crime (PDF)

Florence & the Mediterranean - A Sea of Culture 

FLOR 3012

Fall & Spring

3 Credits

The sea is a place where cultures meet. This course will explore its influence, with a special focus on art history and a mainly Italian and Florentine point of view. Topics will include: the impact of Islamic art on Western culture; the role of Byzantine art in the development of Florentine painting; the rediscovery of Greek classical culture and its importance in Renaissance civilization; the consequences of the fall of Constantinople and of the expansion of the Ottoman Empire. Students will explore Florentine churches, palaces, and museums in search of visual evidence of the links between the city and the diversity of Mediterranean culture.

Approved for the following Liberal Education Requirement: Arts & Humanities core and Global Perspectives Theme, and is equivalent to the Art History course ArtH 5323.

Syllabus for Florence & the Mediterranean (PDF)

Cross Cultural Psychology

FLOR 3006

Fall & Spring

3 Credits

This course attempts to examine core principles of psychology from a cultural perspective and how communication and culture interrelate. Students will use Italy and Italian culture as an experiential classroom to facilitate intercultural awareness.

Approved for the following Liberal Education Requirement: Social Sciences core and Global Perspectives Theme

Syllabus for Cross Cultural Psychology (PDF)


Drawing Studio, Beginning or Intermediate

FLOR 1201 FLOR 3201

Fall & Spring

3 Credits

Students work from the model, with still life and from natural surroundings, and proceed through exercises designed to refine the senses, the student learns to perceive the subject in ways that consider placement of form and division of space. Concepts such as volume, negative space, and the impact of every mark or imprint are presented. Perspective, proportion, composition, and analytical expression, as well as thorough exploration of the possibilities and limitations of various drawing media — pencil, pen, drawing stick, ink, and charcoal — are all confronted. Group and individual critiques are given regularly.

Approved for the following Liberal Education Requirement: Arts & Humanities Core

Syllabus for Drawing Studio (PDF)

Photography: Exploring Society Through the Camera's Lens

FLOR 3004

Spring Only

3 Credits

From its beginning, photography has been used as a tool for the exploration of society, and photographers have taken that as one of their tasks. This class will explore digital photography as a tool to view Italian society (and yourself within that society) through various photographic exercises. Students will need a digital SLR camera for this course.

Approved for the following Liberal Education Requirement: Arts & Humanities Core & Global Perspectives Theme.

Syllabus for Photography (PDF)


History and Sociology of Modern Consumerism

FLOR 3005

Fall & Spring

3 Credits

This course will focus on the rise and development of consumer cultures with specific emphasis on the similarities and differences between the Italian and US American practices using Italian products as the case study. The aim is to study and to apply interdisciplinary theoretical approaches to the study of consumer society now and in the past. The course will explore key substantive themes in the history and sociology of consumption.

Approved for the following Liberal Education Requirement: Historical Perspectives Core & Global Perspectives Theme.
*This course will meet the RM 4123 Living in a Consumer Society requirement for Retail Merchandising, and JOUR 4274W Advertising and Society for Journalism School students.

 Syllabus for History and Sociology of Modern Consumerism (PDF)

Made in Italy: Retail Merchandising in Florence

FLOR 3007

Fall & Spring

3 Credits

The course explores the relationships linking project, merchandising and market and provides, through direct experience, the methodologies and socio-cultural skills to critically evaluate the development phases of a business project. Students will be getting an insight on how the Italian style (in fashion, cultural events, design, food) evolved and changed, on the principles around which these fields revolve, and on their role in the economic, sociological and psychological elements of society.

Approved for the following Liberal Education Requirement: Global Perspectives Theme
*This course will meet the RM 4217 International Retail Markets requirement for Retail Merchandising, and JOUR 4259 Case Studies in Strategic Communication for Journalism School students.


Syllabus for Retail Merchandising in Florence (PDF)

Entrepreneurship: Small Businesses in Florence

FLOR 3008

Fall & Spring

3 Credits

This coure will examine the main economic issues concerning microeconomic theory directly related to the study of the European economy with special focus on Italian peculiarities. Students will discuss the characteristics of the role of EU and the recent monetary union that comes from a long period of economic coordination in a globalized context. Students will study markets characteristics through the analysis of the Italian economic structure, discuss the past and the future of “Made in Italy” sectors and the position of Italy in the international markets.

Approved for the following Liberal Education Requirement: Social Sciences core and Global Perspectives Theme.
*This course is also approved for the Retail Merchandising Elective area.

Syllabus for Entrepreneurship (PDF)

Internships in Florence: A Comparative Approach to the Italian Workforce

FLOR 3009

Fall & Spring

3 Credits

This course explores the world of work in Italy and how students respond to the challenges that they can expect to encounter while interning in Florence. You can find more information on internship placements here.

Syllabus for Internship in Florence (PDF)

Literary Representations of Florence: Space, Self, and the Other

FLOR 3010W

Fall & Spring

3 Credits

The course examines literary representations of Italy, with a focus on Florence and its surroundings, and analyzes how discourses of gender, power, national and individual identity inform literary constructions of the Italian landscape and of the Italian city from the 19th Century to the present. Travel writings as well as poetry and fiction inspired by or set in Florence by authors from different eras and traditions will be contrasted with representations of the Italian, Tuscan, and Florentine space by Italian authors.

Approved for the following Liberal Education Requirement: Literature Core and Global Perspectives Theme. This course has also been approved as Writing Intensive.

Syllabus for Literary Representations of Florence (PDF)

Global Identity

Global Identity: Connecting Your International Experience with Your Future is an optional 1-credit online course that helps you process your overseas experience and apply what you've learned upon your return. The course assists you in reflecting on multiple layers of cross-cultural experience and marketing your study abroad experience for future goals.

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