Engineering in France

Engineering in France — English Track



Required Courses

Enroll in a 3-credit language course:

French Language

MONT 1001-1004

Fall & Spring Semesters

5 credits

Students in 1st-4th semester enroll in a French language class that is divided into sections based on linguistic level:

Select at least 2 engineering courses:

University of Montpellier Polytech Engineering courses

MONT Integrated

Fall & Spring Semesters

1-3 credits

A variety of courses are offered in English by field. Classes are alongside French students, and offerings vary by semester. The compiled catalog lists US credit equivalencies.  Courses are listed below by field.  Courses listed as "Projects" are directed study research projects:

Elective Coursework

English-taught courses:

Directed Research

MONT 3993

Fall & Spring Semesters

3 Credits

Under the supervision of a faculty member, a student engages in 100 hours of directed research on a topic designed by the student in consultation with the on-site faculty member. Research topics must be pre-approved prior to participation.

Syllabus for Directed Studies/Research (pdf) 

Global Business and Industry: France at the Crossroads

MONT 3802

Fall & Spring Semesters

3 credits

This course examines the development and current state of the European business environment from a French perspective. Topics will include the background/aftermath of the establishment of the European Union (EU) as well as institutional, political, legal and socio-cultural factors at work in the contemporary business and industry landscape. Taught in English.

Syllabus (pdf)

UofM equivalent: Pending approval for Global Perspectives Theme

Community Engagement 

MONT 3000-level

Fall & Spring Semesters

3 Credits

This course accompanies the engagement opportunity and reflects on work culture in France. Placement options for English speakers will be limited.  Options include assisting with coaching after-school sports teams, working with charities, and assisting with English language classes in school settings. Taught in English.

Syllabus (pdf)

Paul Valery University course

MONT Integrated

Fall & Spring Semesters

3 Credits

Students can select no more than 1 English-taught course offered at Paul Valery University.

Optional Course (for an additional fee)

Global Identity

OLPD 3303

Fall & Spring Semesters

1 credit

Global Identity: Connecting Your International Experience with Your Future is an optional online course that helps you process your overseas experience and apply what you've learned upon your return. The course assists you in reflecting on multiple layers of cross-cultural experience and marketing your study abroad experience for future goals. This course is offered for an additional fee.

UofM equivalent: Approved for Global Perspectives Theme

Visa Information

I-UROP Scholarship

University of Minnesota students participating in a research project on
this program may be eligible for the International Undergraduate Research
Opportunities Program (I-UROP) Scholarship