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About Edinburgh Fringe Festival -- Alternative Theatre in Scotland

Program Overview

Travel to the Edinburgh Fringe Theatre Festival in Scotland and see new forms of theater from all over the world! In this course you will learn to navigate the largest Fringe Festival in the world with confidence. Attend shows by international companies, experience experimental theater, and see new work by contemporary playwrights. By attending and critically evaluating a wide range of new performance created by artists from all over the world, you will have the opportunity to engage in a more complex way with the relationship of theatre, culture, and national identity – transforming your understanding of theatre and your world.

Course Description

TH 4380:
The Alternative Theatre course focuses on developing an international perspective on theatre’s relationship to culture and identity by experiencing and evaluating diverse aesthetic viewpoints from artists all over the world. In doing so, the course also covers a wide range of general or liberal education objectives.

Class syllabus

Program Dates

August 9 - 23, 2017

Program Leaders

Kym Longhi
Kym Longhi has cultivated her artistic vision as an actor, mime, writer, director, teacher and artist for nearly 3 decades. Her experience encompasses classical speaking theater, experimental theater, mime and dance. She is the first certified Margolis Method instructor in the United States and is registered as an RYT 200.

Housing and Meals

Housing is dorm-style in a hostel. Limit 4 to a room. Welcome meal is included; remaining meals are up to the student.


Organized excursions will include a bus tour of the Scottish Highlands, and a walking tour of the city of Edinburgh. 

Program Fee

Cost of Participation sheet

More Information

Contact Kym Longhi longh001@umn.edu for more information.