Study Abroad in Denmark

Study Abroad in Denmark — Academics

Program Structure

Program Type Study Center, University Study, Field Study
Program Level 3000-level and above
Courseload 13 per semester, most students take 15; 3–12 for summer

This program appeals to students who want to take courses in English in a wide variety of subject areas. Courses are taught by Danish and European faculty who are also practitioners in their fields, and courses include excursions and field trips in order to allow you to see the industry at work. Many classes are also practicum or lab-based. You may also enroll in an English-taught course at a Danish university in Copenhagen.


Semester & Academic-Year Coursework

The Study Abroad in Denmark program offers academically rigorous courses in a wide variety of subjects. Each track has one required core course with two accompanying study tours. For your other courses, you can choose from electives related to your program or select courses from a variety of other disciplines. Instruction is in English by Danish faculty. 

Choose from a variety of tracks such as:

Visit the DIS website for a full list of offerings and descriptions.

Students register for 30 credits per year or 15 credits per semester. There is the option of registering for 12 credits plus the 1-credit Global Identity course, however it requires contacting Maria Mantey, Associate Program Director at the Learning Abroad Center to review and facilitate. Students may request to take one course pass/fail (S/N) in consultation with DIS and the Learning Abroad Center. Please review the relevant DIS and LAC academic policies for further information.  

Summer Coursework

During the summer, we offer several 3- and 4-credit courses within a variety of academic fields, in Copenhagen and Stockholm. The courses are offered in 3 consecutive sessions. There are also several summer options related to Architecture and Design in Copenhagen, which are for 7 weeks and 9 credits. Visit DIS's Summer website for a full list of offerings.

I-UROP Scholarship

University of Minnesota students participating in a research project on this program may be eligible for the International Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (I-UROP) Scholarship