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Comparison by Location

Lancaster & Queen Mary Comparison

 Lancaster UniversityQueen Mary, University of London
City / Metro Population (UK rank) 135,000 / 135,000 (34th) 8.2 million / 13 million (1st)
Location Lancaster, England London, England
Total undergraduate enrollment 12,000 18,000
Total international students 3,000 (25% of student population) 7,900 (44% of total population)
Setting Small city Megacity
Program fee & living expenses (one semester) $18,700 (Fall) / $26,900 (Spring) $22,500 (Fall) / $24,500 (Spring)
GPA requirement 3.0 (may be flexible) 3.0 (strict)
Academic strengths Biological sciences, engineering, business, health, sociology, psychology, humanities, math & statistics Sciences, film & media studies, theatre, economics, political science, engineering, business, geography


Glasgow & Northumbria Comparison

 University of GlasgowNorthumbria University
City / Metro Population (UK Rank) 630,000 / 1.7 million (3rd) 260,000 / 1,000,000 (12th)
Location Glasgow, Scotland Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
Total undergraduate enrollment 17,000 31,500
Total international students 3,400 (20% of total population) 7,700 (23% of total population)
Setting Large metropolis Large city
Program fee & living expenses (one semester) $20,800 (Fall) / $22,400 (Spring) $17,600 (Fall) / $18,800 (Spring)
GPA requirement 3.0 (strict) 3.0 (may be flexible)
Academic strengths Scottish Studies, Pre-Med, Pre-Health, Biology, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences, education, engineering, service-learning and volunteer placements Sports sciences, performing, visual and fine arts, design and architecture, business, education


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What makes this university unique?

Lancaster University

Lancaster is a perfect environment for students seeking a "traditional" English college experience. Campus is medium-sized but utilizes the "college" system, where students live in smaller housing communities where many sports and activities are arranged. Lancaster boasts a highly regarded, tight-knit campus, consistently ranked one of the Top 10 universities in the UK. The city of Lancaster contains several classic English features—a castle, a cathedral, and picturesque rolling hills. 

Queen Mary, University of London

Queen Mary provides the benefits of being in London while also supplying a community feel by being campus based. It is the only university in London where students actually live on campus. The university is situated in the East End of London and allows students to experience a unique, diverse part of the city most tourists don't visit.

University of Glasgow

Glasgow offers the opportunity to study in Scotland at one of Europe's cosmopolitan and cultural centers. A broad range of academic offerings makes Glasgow an excellent option for almost any major. Enjoy Glasgow's renowned art scene, buzzing shopping districts, historic architecture, and non-stop nightlife, while spending time in the UK's third-largest metropolis.

Northumbria University

With more than 50,000 university students residing in the Newcastle metro area, student life is vibrant. With a young population, the Newcastle upon Tyne metro area is renowned for nightlife, sports, festivals, entertainment, shopping and friendliness. Newcastle is a perfect combination of big city life without big city prices, and is one of the most cost effective study options in the UK.