Intensive Thai in Thailand

Intensive Thai in Thailand — Academics

Program Structure

Program Type Study-center program with a focus on language acquisition
Program Level 1000–3000
Courseload 4 credits


Choose one 

Beginning Thai I

THAI 1001


4 Credits

Beginning Thai II

THAI 1002


4 Credits

Intermediate Thai I

THAI 3001


4 Credits

Intermediate Thai II

KTHAI 3002


4 Credits

Take one intensive Thai language course, with beginning through intermediate levels available. Speaking Thai with your host family will enhance your conversation skills. This program appeals to students interested in advancing their Thai knowledge through an intensive language learning experience.


One language course is taught over a 3-week period and awards 4 undergraduate credits. All classes are held at the University of Minnesota’s partner organization ISDSI, a local study center. Language courses are taught by experienced instructors who are native speakers. Small class sizes allow students many opportunities to practice their language skills and receive feedback from the instructor. Students will be in class with other program participants.

You may also participate in this program as an optional language pre-session for the MSID Thailand program.

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