School for Field Studies Bhutan

School for Field Studies Bhutan — Academics

Program Structure

School for Field Studies is an affiliated program. You receive resident credit for the courses you take. Your grades count toward your University of Minnesota GPA and each course appears on your transcript. More information can be found in the Academics Policy page.

SFS offers field-based, environmentally-focused study abroad programs that are academically rigorous and include a directed research component.

Visit the School for Field Studies' website for specific program features and eligibility requirements.


Semester Coursework

Himalayan Environment and Society in Transition: Student research will focus on enhancing the condition of forest, river, and mountain ecosystems while balancing the processes of modernization and cultural preservation.

You will enroll in five courses for a total of 18 credits:

Summer Coursework

Session I

Forests in the Land of the Thunder Dragon: Spend six weeks surveying forests, visiting ancient shrines, and studying issues of conservation and development in one of the most fascinating countries in the world. (SFS 3580, 6 credits)

Course descriptions and full syllabi are available on the program page of SFS' website.