Language Immersion in China

Language Immersion in China — Academics

Program Structure

Program Type This program is a center-based program, which allows you to focus on language aquisition in a setting designed for US language learners
Program Level Second- and third-year classes are available. Equivalent to the University of Minnesota's levels of 3021/3022 and 3031/3032.
Courseload You will take 2 levels of intensive Chinese for the equivalent of 8–10 US semester credits per summer term.

Study with other US students at the Capital Normal University's main campus in the cosmopolitan city of Beijing and live with Chinese roommates for a full-time language immersion. This program is designed to finish 1 full year of Chinese language in an 8-week summer program. Second- and third-year Chinese language credit has been pre-approved by the Department of Asian Languages and Literatures.


Course syllabi are available at CET Beijing: Intensive Language Summer.

CL211 Intermediate Chinese (equiv. to CHN 3021/3022)

CL271 Intermediate High Chinese

CL311 Pre-Advanced Chinese (equiv. to CHN 3031/3032)

CL411 Advanced Chinese