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About Language Immersion in China

This 30-year old program is based in Beijing, China’s cosmopolitan capital city and the home of putonghua, “the common language,” otherwise known as Mandarin. The city offers something for everyone—the Forbidden City and its surrounding traditional hutong neighborhoods for history buffs, glitzy shopping districts for fashionistas, wholesale and flea markets for bargain hunters, galleries and museums for art connoisseurs, athletic events for sports fans. This program challenges students to get out the door and discover their niche in a city that will become a second home.

The program is located at the main campus of Capital Normal University (CNU). CNU is large university with many amenities including a gymnasium, sports fields, libraries, student centers, and cafeterias.  The campus is located near subway and bus stops, allowing easy and inexpensive access to all of Beijing. 

This is currently the only program whose credit has been pre-approved by the Department of Asian Languages and Literatures.

Housing & Meals

Students reside in a dormitory on CNU’s campus. Program participants share a double room with a Chinese roommate.

Dorm rooms are simple, but comfortable, with basic furnishings, air conditioning, and attached bathrooms.  The building is equipped with wi-fi, and offers shared laundry and kitchen facilities.

Meals are not included in the program fee.  Students explore the area's numerous eateries, or use their CNU-issued student ID card to access teh many, and very inexpensive, campus cafeterias.

Sharing a room with a local roommate is frequently cited by students as “one of the best parts of the program.” Many students become good friends with their roommates, and roommates often invite students to their homes for a weekend or holiday.

Chinese roommates are selected from local Beijing universities. All roommates agree to abide by the full-time language pledge.

The program facilitates the roommate relationship. Chinese roommates attend excursions, plan activities, and present a lecture series to their peers. Beyond this, the program steps out of the way to allow roommates to develop natural cross-cultural relationships that move beyond the host-guest paradigm.


During the summer term, most activities are language-based. They provide fun ways to explore Beijing while working in some Chinese language practice. Students explore the city with their Chinese roommates and participate in many out-of-classroom activities.

For a midsummer break, the program arranges 1 overnight weekend trip to a nearby city.

Learning Outcomes

Faculty & Staff

Beijing faculty members are hired independently by CET, our on-site provider. Most instructors come from the host university, Beijing Institute of Education (BIE), and other institutions around the city such as Capital Normal University, Beijing University, Beijing Normal University, and Beijing Language and Culture University.

Chinese language instructors have graduate degrees in Chinese or Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. Many have experience teaching at language programs in the US or at other study abroad programs of similar caliber.

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