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About Exchange in Tokyo, Japan: Sophia University

Attend classes at the Ichigaya Campus of Sophia University, one of the best-known private universities in Japan, just 20 minutes from central Tokyo. Sophia is one of Tokyo's most internationally diverse universities, hosting several hundred visiting students each semester.

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Housing & Meals

Sophia University organizes various types of housing for exchange studentsDormitories are located in different areas of Tokyo and will require commuting. The dormitories vary in size and type of amenities provided. If you prefer a homestay, it will be organized by a private housing organization in Tokyo.


Student life in Japan is active, and Sophia University offers many student clubs and organizations, which are a great way to meet people and socialize.

Learning Outcomes

Students having participated in a bilateral exchange program will:

  • Develop a stronger sense of confidence by engaging in a highly independent study abroad program and foster second language acquisition whenever possible
  • Learn to appreciate diverse world views, accept complexity, and embrace ambiguity; added benefit of reciprocity to foster mutual respect and understanding
  • Experience a new culturally specific academic system and incorporate different academic perspectives
  • Identify and communicate how their experience abroad has impacted them personally, academically, and professionally


Faculty & Staff

Sophia University has staff available to provide orientation, on-site support and advising to help you adjust to a new educational system and integrate into campus life.

About the Learning Abroad Center

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