Environmental & Cultural Diversity in China

Environmental & Cultural Diversity in China — Academics

Program Structure

Program Type Global Seminar
Program Level 3000 level courses
Courseload One 3-credit course

Global Seminars are three-week study abroad programs led by University of Minnesota faculty & staff that feature:


Course Syllabus (2018)

Through presentations, field visits, and various excursions, you will explore ethnic minority communities and cultural diversity from the local perspectives. You will be challenged to determine how well leaders in Yunnan have done in terms of protecting the environment and supporting cultural diversity. The Tibetan Plateau and Yunnan Province will provide the perfect location for you to engage in this topic given the region’s biodiversity and human cultural diversity.

You will attend two pre-departure workshops and receive pre-departure readings, assignments, and complete the Intercultural Development Inventory.

While abroad, you will be required to complete readings, keep a daily journal, conduct a research project of an ethnic minority group in China, and complete additional assignments. A final assignment, on a topic of choice, in the form of paper, digital story, or presentation will be due after the program concludes.

Liberal Education Fulfillment: Global Perspectives Theme

This course must be taken A-F. S/N grading is prohibited.

Receive credit for: SUST 3501

Fulfills: Elective (by petition) requirements for the Sustainability Studies Minor