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University Study in New Zealand Comparison

      University of Auckland University of Otago Victoria University of Wellington
    City Population 1.3 million 120,000 400,000
    Location Auckland, North Island Dunedin, South Island Wellington, North Island
    Total undergraduate enrollment 34,000 19,000 20,000
    # of int't students 5,000 2,500 3,000
    # of US students 500 250 160
    Rural or urban Urban Rural Urban
    Average semester program fee See program fees See program fees See program fees
    Average calendar year fee See program fees See program fees See program fees
    GPA requirement 3.0 3.0 2.7
    Academic strengths Sciences, engineering, business, health, sociology, humanties Sciences, New Zealand studies, communication studies, Maori studies, business Maori/Pacific studies, earth sciences, film and theatre, women's studies, business, asian studies, architecture and design

    What makes this university unique?

    University of Auckland

    The university is large, urban and diverse, much like the University of Minnesota. Many students live at home and commute to campus. Auckland is a city of over one million people, which approximately one third of New Zealand's entire population.

    University of Otago

    As New Zealand's oldest university, it has an "old world" feel to it. The university is dedicated to capping non-New Zealand enrollment at 12%, which means they will maintain a good level of integration for international students. Over 80% of Kiwi students are from outside Dunedin, so you will meet students from all over New Zealand. Dunedin is a city which thrives off of its student population. Because Dunedin is a much smaller city, the cost of living will be much lower than Auckland.

    Victoria University of Wellington

    The university has a personalized feel, offering a separate orientation for study abroad students. The university's international office strives to check in with all students at least once throughout the semester. Its central location makes it the perfect place to explore all of New Zealand. Because it is a capital city, it has an international flavor to it. The university also offers optional golf and rugby packages to combine with your study abroad experience.