Study Abroad in Mexico

Study Abroad in Mexico — Academics

Program Structure

Program Type Classes limited to 5 students and taught by native Spanish speakers
Program Level 1000–3000 level courses
Courseload 1 course per term for a total of 4–5 credits


Winter break and May session participants enroll in 4 or 5 credits per 3-week term and choose from beginning or intermediate level Spanish courses (1001–1004) or Spanish Grammar and Composition (equivalent to SPAN 3011W) Spanish Composition and Communication (equivalent to SPAN 3015W. The May/Summer program has four 3-week terms offered back to back. You can begin with any term and take from 1 to 4 courses.

Note: Classes in Mexico must be taken with an A–F grade base. Pass/fail grading is not an option in Mexico.

Course Options

Select the term and, where applicable, the number of semesters (or equivalent) of language instruction you will have completed by the time you start the program.


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