Exchange in Ecuador

Exchange in Ecuador — Academics

Program Structure

Program Type Attend the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ). Instruction is in Spanish by Ecuadorian faculty.
Program Level Various levels
Courseload Maintain a minimum enrollment of 13 credits per semester or maintain the minimum credit enrollment determined by your study abroad program, whichever is greater. 13 credits for fall or spring semester or 26–30 credits for the academic year.


Grade & Credit Conversion Scale

You receive resident credit for the courses you take. Your grades factor into your University of Minnesota GPA and each course appears on your transcript with an A/F grade. Consult the Learning Abroad Center's Academic Policies page for more information. (NOTE: Students who participated in this exchange prior to Fall 2016 received University of Minnesota transfer credit). 

Course options include the offerings of the university's faculties. Check the Universidad San Francisco de Quito website for full course listings.

For tips on finding course information and understanding differences in terminology, go to Finding Course Information for Host Universities.


Global Identity

Global Identity: Connecting Your International Experience with Your Future is an optional 1-credit online course that helps you process your overseas experience and apply what you've learned upon your return. The course assists you in marketing your study abroad experience for future goals, making you stand out from your peers upon return.

Benefits of Global Identity

No Additional Cost

Because integrated-study programs like Exchange programs provide less on-site support than other study abroad program models, Global Identity is offered at no additional cost (regular $200 tuition is waived for students on this program). Global Identity gives you the opportunity to work individually with a trained cultural mentor, helping you understand and articulate the skills you’re developing during your time abroad. Registration instructions will be emailed out via the Learning Abroad Center, or you can contact Ryan McCarthy for additional information.