Glacial lake in Argentina

Two to Tango: Agricultural Production & Marketing in Argentina

  1. Program Details

    This program will study the farming and ranching industries in Argentina that provide the technology, production, expertise, processing, and transformation of farm products into foods that are in global demand.

    This program is administered by the College of Food, Agricultural & Natural Resource Sciences' Office of International Programs. Applications are processed by the Learning Abroad Center.

    Location Buenos Aires, Rosario, Argentina
    Term May Session (Spring Semester)
    Housing Hotel
    Credit Type Resident Credit
    Sponsor College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences

    Program Eligibility

    GPA 2.5
    Student Type UofM Students
    Student Year Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors
    Language No Language Prerequisite
  2. About Two to Tango: Agricultural Production & Marketing in Argentina

    Agricultural marketing and farming are global industries and communicators and marketers need to be able to understand how events on other continents can impact decisions made at the firm-level; even in a different hemisphere. This course will study the farming and ranching industries in Argentina that provide the technology, production, expertise, processing, and transformation of farm products into foods that are in global demand. Additionally, this course will explore how Argentinian culture shapes marketing and communication efforts in Argentina.

    This course will spend two weeks in Argentina meeting with international agricultural firms and farmers to learn how Argentina continues to be a global competitor in agricultural commodities. Students will also learn about the challenges limiting South American agricultural production and how this relates to U.S. agriculture.

    Agriculture has been and continues to be one of the most important financial contributors to Argentina’s economy. For hundreds of years, Gauchos (Argentine Cowboys) have tended cattle and sheep across Argentina’s diverse landscapes. Today, Argentina is a global competitor in various agricultural markets including beef cattle, corn, and soybeans. To rise to this level, marketing and communications have played a vital role in expanding Argentina’s global reach with its agricultural products. The heart of this global trade and industry powerhouse is Buenos Aires. Located on the Atlantic coast of South America, the Buenos Aires metro is home to over 15 million people. Here, business, industry, and agriculture collide in this port city where Argentina and other South American countries import and export various agricultural products.

    In Buenos Aires, you will learn about how culture and industry has shaped the marketing and communication efforts used by agricultural firms in Argentina. Additionally, you will immerse yourself in the Argentinian culture as you explore the city, dine on authentic Argentinian cuisine (get ready to eat a lot of beef), and learn about Argentina’s rich cultural heritage. Additionally, you travel to Rosario where you will tour the ports along the Parana River and visit an Argentinian winery.

    Check out a brief presentation on this program here.

    COVID-19 Modifications 

    The program will comply with local public health recommendations as well as recommended standards of the University of Minnesota. This may include modifications to the program calendar, weekly schedule, classroom environment, course delivery, housing arrangements, transportation policies, and/or in-country travel restrictions. Below are some of the current program specific changes, but know that these modifications could change at anytime as we get more information:

    • Excursion destinations/plans may be modified to comply with health guidelines.
    • Students will stay 2 students to a room to allow for better distancing. Single rooms might be available. 
    • In-country transportation betwen Buenos Aires and Rosario will be via bus to allow for more distancing. 
    • When instructed to do so, students will be required to wear a mask. No exceptions will be made.
    • Enrollment on this program will be capped at 16 students in order to allow for better distancing within the group. 

    Housing & Meals

    You will be staying in a hotel throughout your time in Buenos Aires. The hotel will have breakfast included daily. During our in-country field-trip to Rosario, you will additionally be staying in a hotel with breakfast included. While in Rosario, we will have two group meals included in your program fee. Finally, we will have a departing dinner before we head home to Minnesota which will be included in the program fee. All other meals will be on your own.

    Application Deadline

    January 1, 2021

    Program Dates

    Depart from Minneapolis-Saint Paul: May 13, 2021
    Arrive in Argentina: May 14, 2021
    Depart from Argentina: May 27, 2021


    You will earn 3 credits for CFAN 3526. This course is approved for the Global Perspectives theme.

    This is an embedded course with on-campus class time during spring semester prior to departure. You must register for this course and complete the study abroad application. Registration costs/financial aid are tired to Spring term. 

    This course is currently awaiting final approval for Global Perspectives theme. For students in the Agricultural Communication and Marketing major, this course meets one of the core requirements under the “Business and Marketing” section of the degree sheet. Students may take this course in place of APEC 3451.

    Program Leader

    Dr. Garrett Steede is an Assistant Professor of Agricultural Communication and Marketing. He holds a B.S. in Animal and Dairy Sciences and a M.S. in Agricultural and Extension Education, both from Mississippi State University. He completed his Ph.D. in 2018 at Texas Tech University in Agricultural Communication and Education. Dr. Steede has been working to develop this program to Argentina since he arrived at the University of Minnesota in 2018 in hopes of offering more curriculum-specific international opportunities for students in agricultural communication and marketing, agricultural education, agricultural and food business management, and applied economics.


    While in Buenos Aires you will have several field trips and local excursions in addition to guest speakers and lectures regarding agricultural marketing and communication in Argentina. Sample local field trips, activities, and excursions in Buenos Aires will include:

    • A neighborhood walking tour of Buenos Aires
    • A group Tango lesson (the national dance of Argentina)
    • A tour of the Liniers Livestock Market
    • A tour of the Central Cattle Market
    • Farm tours
    • Argentine Ministry of Agriculture
    • Argentine Cereal Exchange
    • A meat packing facility
    • National Institute of Technical Agriculture
    • Argentina Extension Research Farm Unit

    The majority of your time in Argentina will be spent in and around Buenos Aires, however there will be an excursion to the city of Rosario, Argentina. While in Rosario, you will have a guided tour of the city and of local businesses. These business tours may include visits to John Deere, ADM, and/or the Rosario Grain Board. There will be several local excursions while in Rosario including a tour of the grain ports along the Parana River, a visit to the Conecar Ganadera Feedlot, and a tour of an Argentinian winery.

    Program Fee

    Cost of Participate Forthcoming

    The program fee generally includes tuition, group flight airfare, airport transfers, in-country program related transportation, housing, some meals, entrances to course-related excursions and site visits, program administration, and international health insurance. 

    The College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences offers grants for study abroad programs; learn more here. Students can learn about financial aid and scholarships through the Learning Abroad Center here

    Programs operated by the CFANS Office of International Programs follow the Learning Abroad Center Cancellation Policy. Before you apply to, or confirm your participation on this program, review the cancellation policy to inform yourself of the timeline and financial obligations for canceling.

    If you are registered for less than 13-credits or if you are a non-UofM student or a UofM graduate student, you will be charged tuition for this course in addition to the program fee.  Notify the Learning Abroad Center if this applies to you.  

    More Information

    Contact the CFANS Office of International Programs at

  3. Prepare

    Complete pre-application advising.

    Be aware: All programs require a $50 application fee. This fee will be charged to your student account upon submission of an online application.

    To complete the online application for this program, you will need to select or provide the following information on the online application:

    Center Name TC Learning Abroad Ctr
    Education Abroad Term May Session 2021 (Spring on campus course)
    Program Name Two to Tango: Agricultural Production & Marketing in Argentina
    Track Name Two to Tango: Agricultural Production & Marketing in Argentina
    Country Argentina


    University of Minnesota Student—apply

    Use your University of Minnesota internet ID and password to log into the Education Abroad application system. Your student account will be charged a $50 application fee.

    Non-University of Minnesota Student—apply

    Once you submit your application, Learning Abroad Center staff will create a University of Minnesota student internet account for you. You will use this account to access the Education Abroad Application System, and other University of Minnesota services. You will be charged a $50 application fee for this program.

    Our staff will contact you within 2–3 business days with your internet account information, and additional application instructions.


    When you submit your online application, you will be assigned an application checklist that includes:

    • First Step session
    • University of Minnesota Student Release and Waiver Form

    Detailed descriptions and instructions for submitting each checklist item are included on the application checklist.

    Next Steps

    1. You will receive an automated email message indicating your application was received.
    2. Follow the instructions on your application checklist to submit the Student Release and Waiver Form.
    3. Your application is not considered complete until the form has been received and you have completed the First Step module. Your completed application will be forwarded to the program leader in the sponsoring college/department for review.
    4. The program leader will notify the Learning Abroad Center of acceptance decisions. If accepted, you will be notified via email and assigned a confirmation checklist, which includes:
      • Health Information Form
      • Confirmation and Payment Agreement
      • Online Health & Safety Orientation
    5. Login to the online application to review the confirmation checklist and submit the required items.
    6. Once you submit all items, your participation will be confirmed and your student account will be billed for the program deposit.
    7. If you decide not to continue with the application process, log into the online application and submit a Cancel Request. You must also notify your program leader of your cancellation.