Study Abroad in Buenos Aires

Study Abroad in Buenos Aires — Academics

Program Structure

Program Type Study abroad center program; instruction in English or Spanish
Program Level 1000–3000 level courses
Courseload Students are required to maintain a minimum enrollment of 13 credits per semester or maintain the minimum credit enrollment determined by their study abroad program, whichever is greater.

2 intensive Spanish courses and 2–3 courses taught in English for a total of 13–18 credits for fall or spring semester; 1 intensive course for 5 credits over winter break; 1 intensive Spanish course for 4-5 credits during each summer session.

This program is for you if you are interested in improving your Spanish or gaining a deeper understanding of Argentine and Latin American culture and need to fulfill liberal education requirements. If you need two years of language to get a BA, the Language and Culture in Buenos Aires is a great way to study beginning and intermediate Spanish.

Semester students can choose from 1000 to 3000-level Spanish courses, elective courses taught in English, and a service-learning course. Winter Break students select one course -- either ARGN 1003, ARGN 1004 or ARGN 3015 depending on their level of proficiency. During the summer, only the Spanish language courses are offered.


Additional course information offers more detail and descriptions of particular courses for this program.

May & Summer Session

Choose one Spanish Language Course per three-week session for a total of 3–5 credits per session. Volunteer opportunities are available at no extra cost.

Winter Break

Students complete either ARGN 1003, ARGN 1004 or ARGN 3015 during this 3-week term for a total of 5 credits.

Course Options

Select the term and, where applicable, the number of semesters (or equivalent) of language instruction you will have completed by the time you start the program.


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