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The elegance of Europe and the spirit of South America live side by side in Buenos Aires. Founded by immigrants along the shores of the Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires built its identity on Spanish, Italian, and French influences, which appear in the grand boulevards, expansive parks, and magnificent architecture. While exploring the city's neighborhoods, visit the small colored houses of La Boca and experience the popular tango that lives in San Telmo streets. Nearly 40 percent of the Argentine population lives in the capital, making this "Paris of the Americas" a city of more than 13 million.

The program is offered jointly by the Fundación José Ortega y Gasset and the Learning Abroad Center. Located in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, the Fundación is located in one of Argentina's most elegant and prestigious buildings, where you will learn and experience Spanish language and culture. A diverse faculty brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom. Extracurricular activities—sampling food, reading literature, experiencing music and dance—increase your understanding of Argentine culture.

For help deciding between Spanish language options, consult the Spanish Language Programs Comparison Chart (PDF).

Housing & Meals


Enjoy your own room and home-cooked meals in an Argentine home. If you live with a family, you usually will be placed within a 30-minute commute of the school. This option is available during semester, May and summer sessions.


For an additional fee, you can share an apartment with other students. An apartment includes double rooms, a bathroom, a common living area, and a kitchen. If you live in an apartment, expect a 5-minute walking commute to school. This option is available only for semester programs.


Breakfast and dinner are included in the homestay option. In an apartment, only breakfast is included in the program fee. You will need to cover the cost of lunch and dinner but will have access to kitchen facilities in your apartment to prepare your meals.


Several planned excursions are included in the cost of the program. These tours and day trips show the city and country's historical and cultural highlights. Excursions are subject to change each term. Previous destinations have included:

Buenos Aires city tour: 3-hour guided tour of Buenos Aires 

Tigre: Half-day tour to Tigre, a town just 17 miles north of Buenos Aires on the Tigre River delta. Take a boat ride, visit the artisan market, and have free time to explore the city.

Lujan: Full-day excursion to this city of pilgrimage within the province of Buenos Aires. Visit the Bascilica of Lujan, home to the Virgin of Lujan, the patroness of Argentina, as well as the central square. Visit the estancia that was home to famous Argentine writer Esteban Echeverría when he was fleeing the dictatorship of Juan Manuael de Rosas.

Areco: Full-day excursion to this traditional Argentine town just a few hours outside of Buenos Aires. Tour an estancia (ranch), enjoy asado (Argentine barbeque), and watch traditional dancing as well as gauchos on horseback performing traditional competitions and games. Visit San Antonia de Areco and tour the site of the Día de la Tradición festivities, which take place each November.

Colonia, Uruguay: Overnight excursion. Cross the Rio de la Plata by ferry and explore this historic, picturesque town. The excursion includes a city tour, breakfast, lunch, a cultural scavenger hunt and accommodation at a local hotel.

Learning Outcomes

Faculty & Staff

Enjoy individual attention from native Argentine faculty chosen by the Fundación José Ortega y Gasset. All faculty are specialists in their academic fields and in the field of teaching foreign students.

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