Coral Reef Management in Belize

Coral Reef Management in Belize — Academics

Program Structure

Program Type Freshman Seminar Abroad
Program Level 1000 level course
Courseload One 3-credit course

Course Schedule

Freshman Seminars Abroad are a unique opportunity for first-year students to combine on-campus class during spring semester with study abroad during spring break.

Term: Spring Semester 2018 with study abroad during Spring Break 2018

On-campus course Sechedule: Thursdays from 1-3 p.m., Biological Sciences, St. Paul campus 


Taught in English by a University of Minnesota professor.


Syllabus (2017)

This seminar integrates scientific, managerial, and cross-cultural experience into a synthetic whole. The course will focus on management of reef environments through innovative and experiential education and field work and will examine the importance of reefs, the influences that endanger reef ecosystems, and community action plans that are working to manage reef health. Learn from stakeholders such as conservationists, experts in reef management, fishers, and tourist industry drivers and learn about research management practices and influences.

No previous coral reef management or marine biology experience is required. While in Belize, spend extensive time in the water engaging with the reef's biodiversity.

Receive credit for FW 1901.

Fulfills the following Liberal Education requirements: Environment theme.

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