Virtual Internships

Virtual Internships in Nairobi

  1. Program Details

    Virtual Internships in Nairobi is a four-credit internship opportunity. It’s critical to learn to adapt, acclimate, discover new ways to contribute, and be productive working remotely. Virtual internships combined with the internship course give you an opportunity to learn and develop valuable skills.

    Location Nairobi, Kenya
    Term Fall Semester, Spring Semester, Summer Session
    Credit Type Resident Credit
    Sponsor Learning Abroad Center

    Program Eligibility

    GPA 2.5
    Student Type UofM Students, Non UofM Students
    Student Year Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors
  2. About Virtual Internships in Nairobi

    The Virtual Internship in Nairobi program is a four-credit internship opportunity. Virtual internships combined with the internship course give you an opportunity to learn and develop valuable skills.

    You’ll work on projects from the US for an international organization while adding a global perspective to your professional work experience. You’ll apply your in-class knowledge to real-world meaningful work, gain experience working remotely, expand your skill base, earn four credits from coursework, and maximize your time.

    While we’ll try to place you in your preferred location, keep in mind that our top consideration is making an appropriate match to your skills, experience, and internship goals.

    For more information, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

    Learning Outcomes

    At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

    • Communicate and navigate effectively in a global, virtual environment
    • Gain culture specific knowledge of work placement country
    • Understand your own values, skills, and behaviors and how different values and communication styles may impact workplace dynamics; develop strategies for adapting to these differences
    • Identify and articulate skills and experiences necessary to reach future career goals; develop learning objectives for the virtual internship site that will help you move toward these career aspirations
    • Conduct your work during the internship utilizing best practices around professional behavior within a virtual work environment
    • Understand and practice tolerance of different cultural assumptions
    • Use a comparative framework in essays and dialogue with fellow students to examine cultural and professional aspects of work and how COVID-19 has impacted these environments
    • Research and analyze the placement country’s workplace, particularly in terms of social media and online presence, including language, norms, values, economic assumptions and compare this to virtual environment to the US

    About the Learning Abroad Center

    Learning Abroad Center programs are:

    • Affordable: our programs are cost effective.
    • Academically strong: many programs have strong University of Minnesota departmental support and offer pre-approved courses for many majors.
    • Culturally rich: regardless of the program you choose, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture.
    • Expertly managed: our staff in Minnesota and abroad are trained professionals and are always available to answer your questions from extensive pre-departure advising and online orientations to reentry programming. Your safety and well-being are paramount, and we work hard to ensure you have a rewarding and safe experience abroad.
  3. Program Structure

    Program Level 3000-level course

    One 4-credit virtual internship course as well as 12–20 hours per week at your internship placement.

    Course Schedule

    Spring 2021

    January 25: Virtual Internship course begins
    February 1: Virtual Internship placement begins
    May 3: Virtual internship course and placement ends

    The class will meet synchronously six times throughout the semester. Our expectation is that you are able to make it to all synchronous sessions, and do not have another course that has conflicting class times. For this reason, there are two different options for class times, outlined below. You will choose either the Monday/Wednesday option or the Tuesday/Thursday option.

    • Mondays and Wednesdays, 9–10 a.m.: January 25 and 27, March 15 and 17, April 26 and 28
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8–9 a.m.: January 26 and 28, March 16 and 18, April 27 and 29

    Fall 2020

    September 21: Virtual internship course begins
    September 28: Virtual internship placement begins
    December 16: Virtual internship course and placement ends

    The class will meet synchronously three times throughout the semester. The schedule of those classes is:

    • September 21 at 10–11 a.m.
    • November 2 at 10–11 a.m.
    • December 11 at 10-11 a.m.


    The 4-credit virtual internship course will consist of lectures, small-group discussions, readings, posting to prompts, blogs, essays, a mock interview, and a presentation. Along with the class, you’ll be assigned projects for 12–20 hours per week at your internship placement. The course will help you apply in-class knowledge to your work and understand your newly developed professional skills to articulate in professional situations.

    Virtual Internship Syllabus (PDF)

    Internship Placements

    Internships are available in a variety of fields and industries including: 

    • Art History
    • Art Management
    • Communications
    • Education
    • Environment/Sustainability
    • Health Care
    • Human Rights
    • Law
    • Marketing
    • Nonprofit
    • Public Health
    • Research
    • Social Media

    Internship Examples

    Marketing and Communications Intern

    Description: Work for a Kenyan Non-Governmental Organization committed to addressing food and nutritional issues, environmental degradation and economically empowering vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community. Assist in developing communication materials and marketing efforts, editing website and brochures, organizational profile, fundraising and resource mobilization strategy, and enhancing social media presence to further connect with potential partners.

    Internship Industries: Communications, Marketing, Nonprofit, Social Media

    Language Requirement: None


    Marketing and Communications Intern

    Description: Work for a Kenyan non-profit organization that, in collaboration with government and development partners, provides the comomunity with equitable access to high quality patient-centered care. Assist with developing brand awareness and online presence, increasing project funding for health initiatives, developing and implementing social media strategy to align with organizational goals, monitoring SEO and web traffic metrics, and more.

    Internship Industries: Communications, Marketing, Nonprofit, Social Media

    Language Requirement: None


    Communications and Social Media Intern

    Description: Work with a unique, four-year literacy and leadership development program for elementary school girls studying in the informal schools of the Kibera slums in Nairobi. Assist Project Coordinator in compiling data, calculate results, draft reports on academic performance of students, assist in a variety of administrative activities (including social media pages, writing blogs, and contributing to the Sunflower newsletter).

    Internship Industries: Communications, Education, Nonprofit, Social Media

    Language Requirement: None


    Research Intern

    Description: Kenya Research Station Institute of Tropical Medicine is an overseas educational research activity site that has been established within Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI). Their objectives include: research of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases; establishing educational research sites in the tropics; collaborating with local researchers; training young researchers in the field, and returning benefits from their research to local people by cooperating with JICA (Japan Cooperation Agency). Intern will assist with developing a proposal for youth-friendly COVID-19 awareness program, research data entry work, and starting a newsletter for the Kwale Station.

    Internship Industries: Communications, Education, Research

    Language Requirement: None


    Research and Education Intern

    Description: The intern will learn about heritage conservation and management practices at a museum (including meaning and function of museums, history and organization, collections care and management, dissemination of information and knowledge sharing practices, and a research project).

    Internship Industries: Communications, Education, Research

    Language Requirement: None


  4. Dates & Deadlines

    Submit the online application and complete the assigned application checklist according to the appropriate deadline:
    Program Term App Open Date Deadline*
    Fall 2020 Jul 15 Aug 15
    Virtual Internship Course Begins Sep 21
    Virtual Internship Placement Begins Sep 28
    Placement and Course Ends Dec 16
    Spring 2021 Oct 5 Nov 15
    Virtual Internship course begins Jan 25
    Virtual Internship placement begins Feb 1
    Course & placement ends May 3
    Summer 2021 TBD TBD
    Virtual Internship Begins (tentative) Jun 7
    Virtual Internship Ends (tentative) Jul 30
  5. Fees for Virtual Internships in Nairobi

    UofM Students


    The tuition rate for this 4-credit course is the same as other undergraduate UMTC courses and will be billed to your UofM student account.  If you are already taking 13 credits during fall or spring semester, you can add the virtual international internship course at no additional cost. Visit Onestop for additional information about tuition costs.


    The tuition rate for this 4-credit course is the same as other undergraduate UMTC courses and will be billed to your UofM student account.  Visit Onestop for additional information about tuition costs.

    Non-UofM Students


    Virtual International Internships are not available to non-UofM students during fall or spring semester.


    Non-UofM students will pay a program fee in lieu of tuition. The exact fee is forthcoming, but the cost for this 4-credit course will be approximately $2,050.

    Cancellation Policy

    The regular Learning Abroad Center cancellation and refund policy does not apply to this course. If you decide to cancel your participation in the course after confirming your participation, the Learning Abroad Center will bill your University of Minnesota student account for non-recoverable costs incurred to secure an internship placement on your behalf. In addition to any tuition refund processed per Onestop policies, if you cancel before the course start date, you will be billed $400. If you cancel after the course start date, you will be billed $600.
  6. Center Name TC Learning Abroad Ctr
    Country Kenya


    Applications are now open for spring semester 2021. Applications for summer 2021 will open in early 2021. Non-UofM students are only eligible to apply for the summer 2021 programs.


    After completing the above application, which includes submitting a cover letter and resume, your application will be reviewed.

    Next Steps

    After the above application is complete, your application is reviewed by our program team. You will be notified of an acceptance decision by email. After the initial application submission, you may need to submit additional application materials with our onsite partners. This could include a letter of recommendation, transcript, and/or a cover letter and resume in the language of your host city/country. You may also be asked to conduct interviews with potential internship placements.

    If accepted, you will be assigned a confirmation checklist, which you will complete to confirm your participation in the program. If you decide not to continue with the application process, log into the online application system and submit a Cancel Request.

    Register for On Campus Course

    Once you are confirmed in the program, the Learning Abroad Center will register you in the 4-credit Virtual Internship course. No other action is needed from you to register for the course. You will not be able to withdraw from this course on your own, you will need to contact the Learning Abroad Center.
  7. Program Contact

    We encourage you to reach out early in the process if you have questions about available placements, so that our advisers can help guide you to the location that works best for your skills, experience, and internship goals.

    For further information or questions about this program, send an email to

    Ashley Metz or call at 612.626.6380.