University Study in Israel: University of Haifa

University Study in Israel: University of Haifa — Apply


Complete pre-application advising.

Be aware: All programs require a $50 application fee. This fee will be charged to your student account upon submission of an online application.

Know the following program information, which you will provide on the online application: 

Education Abroad Center Location: Univ of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Center Name: TC Learning Abroad Ctr
Education Abroad Term: See Program Dates and Fees for term options
Program Name: University Study in Israel
Track Name:

University of Haifa

Country: Israel


University of Minnesota Student—apply


Once you submit your application, you will receive an email notification confirming that your application was received. Submitted applications are assigned an application checklist, which will include the following items:

Submit to the Learning Abroad Center:

Submit directly to the University of Haifa in Haifa, Israel:

University of Haifa International School application (to include a medical form, official transcript, two letters of recommendation, a personal essay, passport-sized photographs, and application fee.)


Once your application checklist is complete, your application is reviewed by our program team. You will be notified of an acceptance decision by email. If accepted, you will be assigned a confirmation checklist, which you will complete to confirm your participation in the program. If at any point you decide not to continue with the application process, log into the Education Abroad application system and submit a cancelation request.

Affiliate organizations and partner universities will not accept applications from UMTC students without the endorsement of the Learning Abroad Center. Students must participate in affiliate organization and partner university programs through the standard Learning Abroad Center application process.