Solidarity & Community-Led Transformation in South Africa

Solidarity & Community-Led Transformation in South Africa — Academics

Program Structure

Program Type Global Seminar
Program Level 3000 level coursework
Courseload One 3-credit course


In this course, we will explore the dynamics of power, privilege, and repression through social justice advocacy and scholarly analysis of the “oppressive savior complex.” We will ask:

Students will be engaged in a social community education project with Building Bridges, South Africa. Building Bridges is an after-school non-profit organization (NPO) that provides psychosocial, educational, and skills-based support to youth facing extreme poverty and a lack of community programming in Bellville South, South Africa. Students will work under the direction of community leaders (youth and adults) in the development of Building Bridges, creating endeavors that tackle community and program needs.

In this Global Seminar, students participate in both scholastic and communal learning. Academic content includes: pre-departure work to orientate students to South Africa’s complexities; in-country student-led discussion on scholarly subject matter, including reflective writing assignments; and, required attendance to program excursions. The community-learning aspects of the course include: a three day experiential learning wilderness retreat with the NGO, Educo Africa; community-led projects with Building Bridges; and, talking-circles.

Receive credit for: EDHD 3XXX

Syllabus: 2017-18 syllabus

Academic Structure

Global Seminars are 3-week study abroad programs led by University of Minnesota faculty and staff that feature:

General Winter Break Global Seminar Information Session

Thursday, Sept 20
3 - 4pm
Learning Abroad Center
230 Heller Hall, West Bank