Empowering Youth through Sport

Empowering Youth through Sport — Academics

Program Structure

Program Type Learning Abroad Center
Program Level 3000 level coursework
Courseload One 3-credit course

Academic Structure

This course has all instruction abroad during summer 2020.



The content of this course will employ a cultural studies and experiential approach to exploring the health benefits in development physical activities for Kenyan youth.

You will be asked enagage with the subject of Kenyan culture and physical activity of Kenyan youth in a variety of ways. This course will be interdisciplinary in nature, and you will critically engage with various aspects of culture, community, gender, and modern Kenya.

You will complete 8 assignments for this course along with a variety of readings.

Possible assignments include a pre-departure quiz, development goals paper, social media/blog postings, daily journaling, and a service learning project & presentation. You will be expected to participate in all class excursions and discussions.

This course must be taken A–F. S/N grading is prohibited.

Receive credit for: KIN 3xxx