University Study in South Africa: Cape Town

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About University Study in South Africa: Cape Town

Experience South African culture firsthand while learning alongside South African students. Study in an urban setting at the University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa’s oldest university and one of Africa’s leading teaching and research institutions. The main campus occupies a beautiful site on the slopes of Table Mountain.

Housing & Meals

You have two housing options: in campus dormitories at UCT with the regular UCT student population or in the main Arcadia house with other Arcadia students. Dormitories are recommended because they are on campus, provide greater levels of integration and cultural immersion, and offer better WiFi. The Arcadia house is a lengthy walk or a short shuttle ride from UCT campus.


Students have the opportunity to participate in excursions throughout the semester or year. Excursions are designed to complement your experience and enhance your understanding of South African culture, politics, and geography.

Organized events, such as music festivals, theater outings, sporting events, and political lectures are encouraged opportunities to enhance your experience.

Learning Outcomes

Students having participated in the University Study in South Africa program will: 

Faculty & Staff

The university has staff available to provide orientation, on-site support and advising, helping you adjust to a new educational system and integrate into campus life.

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