International Educators

University of Minnesota's Role as a School of Record

Criteria for acting as a School of Record

The following criteria are used in determining the appropriateness of acting as school of record (SOR) for a select number of educational partners:

Approval Process

For approval and ongoing support of our SOR partners, the following is required:

These processes have been developed in consultation with the Forum On Education Abroad’s Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad.

Current Partners

The University of Minnesota currently acts as School of Record for the following partners:

CAPA International Education (London and Sydney sites)

DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia (DIS)

The School for Field Studies


There is an administrative fee for the School of Record service managed by the program provider. This fee covers University of Minnesota student record creation, non-degree registration at the University during the term abroad, and an official University transcript to be sent to the student's home institution at the end of the program including the study abroad coursework. The transcripting process can take up to, but no longer than, 4-6 weeks after the Learning Abroad Center has received the study abroad grades from the provider.