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Working with the Learning Abroad Center

The Learning Abroad Center has been sending thousands of students from a diverse range of over 300 institutions on our programs for over 30 years. Students participating on our programs benefit from the academic and innovative programming excellence that has made our office a national leader in the field of education abroad.

In affiliating with the Learning Abroad Center, academic institutions find:

Open Enrollment Catalog

View a PDF of our Open Enrollment Catalog, or flip through it below:


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Services from the Learning Abroad Center

Academic institutions working with our office are provided with the following services

Contact Information

For general questions about affiliations contact the Institutional Relations Team.

International educators with specific questions about the programs listed above are encouraged to contact programming staff.

View the Institutional Affiliation Agreement (pdf).

If you are interested in exploring a formal affiliation with the Learning Abroad Center, contact BJ Titus for more information.

Health and Safety

The Learning Abroad Center is committed to the highest level of safety for all students participating in our programs. We work with the General Counsel of the University of Minnesota to ensure the consistent quality and excellence of all of our programs.

Programs Open to Non-University of Minnesota Students

The following programs are open to any non-University of Minnesota student:

Financial Arrangements

The Learning Abroad Center offers an 'a la carte' option when it comes to billing your students. Universities can decide from the list below whether you want this portion of the program fee to be charged to either the home campus or directly to the student. 

Program Fees    
Housing Fees    
Global Identity    
Apartment Deposits