International Educators

Affiliated Program Providers

Affiliate Partners

Affiliate programs are administered by other institutions and organizations and approved by the University of Minnesota. Students receive support and services from the Learning Abroad Center and credits are posted as resident credit. Affiliate programs provide high quality academic programs and student services and fit with the curriculum of University of Minnesota colleges and departments. Affiliate programs strengthen the Learning Abroad Center's program portfolio by providing a breadth of academic, geographic, and program model options. 

Affiliate Returned Student Employment Policy

Affiliates that wish to engage returned students to promote their programs at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities must work directly with the Learning Abroad Center to do so. Returned students must participate in a Learning Abroad Center internship (Global Ambassador Internship, classroom visit internship) or formal student employment and go through the proper training to do outreach on the Twin Cities campus. Students may not be paid by the affiliate for participation in the internship. For more information, contact Antonia Lortis

MN Fair Week (September and February)

Due to the number of events taking place at the UofM and other institutions in MN, info sessions and meetings with students, advisers, and faculty are not permitted over the course of MN Fair Week. Affiliates are able to meet only with LAC staff.

On-campus Promotion

All promotion to UofM students and faculty must be approved by the LAC. This includes faculty/department visits, putting up posters, handing out flyers, etc.

Campus Visits

Affiliates should contact the LAC to request a campus visit. Allow at least 8-10 weeks of lead time. The LAC will consider each campus visit request in terms of timing, staff availability, and applicability and may not be able to arrange more than one campus visit per semester per affiliate. The LAC does not allow campus visits for programs that are not promoted. Campus visits are at the discretion of the LAC and may include some of the following: 

  • a meeting with the LAC program team
  • a presentation to the advising and programming team
  • meetings with returned and interested students
  • meetings with departments or units (depending on availability, interest, and discretion of the LAC)

The LAC is unable to organize classroom visits or informational sessions for affiliate programs. 

LAC staff must be included in all aspects of a campus visit to provide LAC context and comprehensive advising regarding process, finances, credit transfer, and more.