Intercultural Development Resources

Intercultural Development Resources

Assignment Examples

The following resources have been developed by UofM program leaders. 

Experiential Course Journal

Examples of Assignments using the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

Course Journal and Grading Rubric

Reflective Workbook  

Self-Authorship Reflection Assignment


Better Abroad Resource List

Country Insights: Foreign Affairs Office of Canada

Cultural Dimensions: The Hofstede Centre 

Culture Matters: Peace Corps Cross-Cultural Workbook

Intercultural Competence Tool Kit: University of Washington

Maximizing Study Abroad: University of Minnesota

Resources on Facilitating Intercultural Learning and Global Competence from Roy Y. Chan and

What's Up with Culture?: University of the Pacific

Benefits of studying abroad 

Journaling & Reflection

On-line journaling tools from Life Hack