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Global Seminar Proposal & Review Process

    Proposal Deadline

    Term Proposal Deadline
    2021–22 Academic Year February 1, 2021

    Proposal Process

    The LAC Seminar Proposal Portal is currently closed.

    When creating a proposal, consider the following information:

    • What is the academic content of the course and how does it relate to the chosen country?
    • How will students' performance be assessed?
    • What academic qualifications does the leader have in relation to course topic, international experience, language skills relevant to the chosen site, and experience teaching undergraduates and leading groups?
    • What will the program itinerary look like (all possible program excursions and site/cultural visits)?
    • How will you promote your program for its intended target audience?

    Contact Lindsey Lahr with any questions or concerns.

    Review Process

    Each academic year, approximately 10-15 Global Seminars are selected based on the following:

    • Overall quality and feasibility of proposal
    • Relevance to UofM students
    • Leader's knowledge of academic content and location
    • Illustrated tie between academics and use of location
    • Level of departmental or collegiate support
    • Ability to recruit students
    • Leader's experience leading student groups
    • Previous student evaluations, if applicable
    • Availability of strong on-site support by a Learning Abroad Center affiliate
    • Number of times program has run previously, if applicable

    In addition to the above criteria, the Learning Abroad Center strives to offer University of Minnesota students a comprehensive suite of Global Seminars that is diverse in:

    • Geographic location
    • Academic discipline
    • Program model (e.g., community engagement component, field research, language study)

    Strong proposals address the following questions in a clear and thoughtful manner:

    • What is the central academic focus or theme of the program?
    • Why is the location you have chosen significant to the development of this focus or theme?
    • How will you utilize the location (e.g., excursions, tours, guest lectures, local resources) to illuminate this theme?

    Location, title, and program details are finalized in consultation with the Learning Abroad Center.

    Applicants are notified of a decision approximately 6 weeks after the deadline.