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Create Your Own

Create Your Own

Create Your Own programs offer leaders the highest level of Learning Abroad Center support for program development, administration, and implementation while allowing some flexibility in program dates and length, academic scope and focus, and target audience.

Proposal and Review Process




Create Your Own courses typically consist of:


Program locations are finalized in consultation with the Learning Abroad Center. Factors taken into consideration are availability of affiliated partners that can provide strong on-site support, appeal to students, relevance to program topic, safety, and cost.

Program Leader Experience

The Learning Abroad Center facilitates all on-campus and on-site arrangements, including academic and cultural advising for students, financial aid advising, marketing and recruitment, design and production of all printed materials, application and registration processing, pre-departure orientations, flights, room and board; classrooms, other necessary instructional support, and other related activities.

Program leaders are actively involved in the planning and recruitment for their program. Once on site, program leaders attend and lead all course-related activities in addition to teaching their course.


These seminars are designed for one leader to travel with a group of students and all seminars work with organizations that provide assistance to the leader once the group arrives in the host country.

These programs have small budgets that are strongly affected by the addition of a co-leader. Two leaders or the addition of an assistant will add cost in the following areas: airfare, housing, salary, fringe benefits, food, entrance fees, ground transportation, and international insurance.

Co-leaders or teaching assistants are welcomed if expenses are covered by the co-leader's college, department, unit, or personal means. To lead a program, both leaders must have permission from the departmental chair.

Proposal & Review Process

Deadline: February 1 for programs occurring the following academic year

Learn more about the Proposal & Review Process.

Proposal and Review Process


Lindsey Lahr, Create Your Own Program Director
Amy Garwood-Diaz, Create Your Own Associate Program Director
Jessica Hartnett, Create Your Own Associate Program Director