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Global Health Advising Collaborative

Global Health Advising Collaborative

The University of Minnesota Global Health Advising Collaborative includes and serves colleges and units involved with health-related education abroad. Meetings are organized by the Learning Abroad Center, but the agenda will be open to issues and topics identified by the group.

The University of Minnesota Global Health Advising Collaborative members can serve as a resource for faculty and staff through the following methods:

Global Ambassadors for Patient Safety (GAPS)

The Pre-Health Student Resource Center has developed this interactive online workshop to help students who plan to participate in a learning abroad program where they may have interaction with patients. Students are highly encouraged to complete the online module before researching program options.

Global Ambassadors for Patient Safety (GAPS) online module can help students:

Global Health Advising Collaborative Members

Scott Daby, Learning Abroad Center (daby0005@umn.edu)
Chad Horsley, College of Liberal Arts (horsl001@umn.edu)
Alyssa Maples, College of Continuing Education (mapl0009@umn.edu)
Karen Moon, College of Continuing Education (kmoon@umn.edu)
Anna Mraz, College of Education and Human Development (mrazx002@umn.edu)
Ali Nelson, School of Nursing (nelson18@umn.edu)
Adam Pagel, College of Science and Engineering (pagel@umn.edu)
Robin Perez, College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (rsperez@umn.edu)
Luke Feuling Porter, College of Biological Sciences (porte257@umn.edu)
Tricia Todd, Pre-Health Student Resource Center (todd0002@umn.edu)
Vanessa Walton, Learning Abroad Center (vwalton@umn.edu)