Learning Abroad Center

Spring 2013 Education Abroad Network (EAN) Meeting

Spring 2013 Meeting

ALERT!  Not All Programs Abroad Are Equal (or How to Tell a Hoax from a Quality Program)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013, 1-2:30 p.m., 402 Walter Library

Meeting Description

External marketing and promotional activities on campus for programs abroad have spiked recently.  Organizations are putting up flyers and contacting faculty, student groups, and returned student participants and asking them to promote their programs to our student population. Forwarding of promotional e-mails, distribution of brochures, having presentations in your classes, or hanging up posters in advising offices implies University endorsement.  This can result in liability for the University and in some cases the individual promoting the program.  

How should we respond to such contacts?  Forward their promotional materials on to students? Delete the emails?  Contact the representatives for further information?  

Answer:  Come hear the guidelines and best practices for vetting quality learning abroad programs directly from the experts:  the Learning Abroad Center, the Office of General Counsel, and the Director of International Health, Safety and Compliance.  

Meeting Resources

Education Abroad Network May Meeting (ppt)

  • Learning Abroad Center review process
  • Legal ramifications/student health and safety

Affiliate Program Review Questions

The Learning Abroad Center program development committee centrally reviews program options abroad on a regular basis.Credit-bearing programs are reviewed in consultation with LACAC (the Learning Abroad Center Advisory Council). The Affiliate Program Review Questions (pdf) represents a combination of pedagogical, legal, academic, ethical, and cultural considerations reflecting best practices and standards in the field of education abroad and defined by the University of Minnesota.