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Fall 2014 Education Abroad Network (EAN) Meeting

Fall 2014 Meeting

Let's Not Forget the "P" (or Parents) in Planning Study Abroad: Parent/guardians as key players in how students access meaningful study abroad experiences 

Friday, October 24, 2014, 3:00–4:30 p.m.
402 Walter Library, East Bank

Meeting Description

As we consider how to grow University students’ access to education abroad, parents will continue to be an important audience for our work. This session was designed for all University professionals wishing to consider best practices for both outreach and ongoing messaging to the parents of our students who may wish to go abroad.

Among the points considered were: How is the Learning Abroad Center and the Parent Program sharing information about learning abroad to parents? How can we equip our students to better plan to communicate with their parents? What do parents want to know? Why are we hearing from more parents than we used to? What do parents need to know about study abroad that they may not yet know? How can we work effectively and empathetically with parents while still serving our students?

The presenters examined larger trends of parent involvement in higher education – and provided information from surveys of U of M parents to illustrate how our students and their parents communicate, interact, and make decisions. The session ended with a group discussion to consider opportunities for working effectively with different types of parents and how these methods can be applied.

Meeting Resources

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Student Resource:  Talking to Your Parents 

Parent Packet (pdf)

EAN Fall 2014 meeting Powerpoint

Parent Scenarios - Case Studies